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What is Moz.biz

Moz.biz shop - is an SEO domain marketplace with a history; domains undergo verification on services such as Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, and Web Archive. Here, you can choose a domain for any purpose:

  • Creating a new website - to bypass the 'sandbox' stage in Google and get a site with a history and backlinks.
  • Domain boosting - increasing the SEO metrics of the site, the number of backlinks, and traffic.

Moz.biz exchange - is a next-generation SEO promotion service. Thanks to the tools of our service, you can simplify the process of building the right and uniform link mass for your website. By selecting the types and types of platforms you need, you can plan the placement of backlinks for months and streamline the process through our system.

Our vision

Our portfolio of expired domains

Our main focus is the assessment and acquisition of SEO domains. We have successfully sold a large collection of authoritative domains available for purchase. We intercept them after their expiration, which means that no one else can get them.
We provide expert-confirmed SEO value at fixed prices, which are 2-3 times lower than those at auctions. We specialize in areas such as gaming, sports, cryptocurrency, health, finance, fashion, real estate, weddings, and much more. We also provide all key metrics, such as DA (domain authority), domain rating, domain backlinks, trust flow, and citation flow.
We have more data than providers of expired domain lists, but instead of providing lists, we actively select and acquire all possible high-quality domains. After our meticulous work, you can quickly and easily get high-quality old domains, all in one click, to incorporate them into your link-building campaign or affiliate empire.